CB Insights has built a tech market intelligence platform that analyzes millions of data points to predict technology trends. We believe that technology and probability are better than talking heads when it comes to helping our clients predict their next market, acquisition, investment, customer or their competitor's next move.

Editor - Events at CB Insights

Help create rich, engaging content for our thriving new Events Business

CB Insights is looking for an editor to define the topics, speakers and conversations that will get people in industry excited for our events and talking about them afterwards. You will work with our industry leading research team to create unique, insightful, and hard-hitting conferences and events where content sits at the epicenter of the event.

We are scaling our events business significantly, making this an opportunity to join a fast-growing business within an even faster-growing software company. You will have complete editorial oversight of our world-class summits, peer-to-peer networking groups and invitation-only gatherings. This includes defining what topics to cover, who to feature on-stage, how to attract the world’s best speakers to discuss those topics and unique ways to bring the best out of those world-class speakers. You'll also envision new multi-channel ways to package and distribute the content that emanates from our live gatherings.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Research trending topics across industries ranging from digital health to financial services to retail
  • Work with the content team to create custom content for and around events
  • Help identify and prepare moderators with questions that are thought-provoking
  • Keep tabs on trending sectors and areas of interest to help shape expansion into new conference areas
  • Identify the world’s foremost speakers and develop a strategy/communication plan to get them at the event
  • Own communication and outreach to thought leaders and attending speakers

Required Experience and Qualifications:

  • 3+ years working in content strategy, research, event marketing or journalism
  • Phenomenal written and verbal communication skills
  • The ability to convince high-profile speakers to participate in an event
  • Ability to prioritize and multi-task and to work under tight deadlines
  • Detail oriented and extremely organized
  • Ability to engage in long and short-term planning
  • Not afraid to get your hands dirty or pitch in across the event
  • Ability to travel (10%)

Perks and Benefits:

  • Subsidized health, dental, and vision insurance
  • 401k with up to 4% match
  • $1,000 yearly continuing education stipend
  • Daily lunch stipend

Company Reviews

CBI is a great place to learn and grow that I don’t believe is replicable. Young but Mature. Driven but Humble. Analytical but Human. It's changing the industry which is built on changing industries.
Harrison Wheaton
Directer of Product
at CB Insights
I joined CBI because the team cares about clients, a lot. I’m grateful for co-founders’ who lead the #HelpfulHumbleHuman culture by example, co-workers who challenge me, and clients who love us back.
Lucy Huang
Product Marketing Manager
at CB Insights
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Why work with us
It's quite simple: the people, product and personality. CB Insights team is one where the brains are big and egos are small. We have an industry standard product loved by customers and we've taken data and analytics to predict tech trends and made it conversational and interesting.
The people at CB Insights embody 4 specific characteristics that keep our workplace challenging, engaging, respectful and exciting. We call these the 4 H’s: Happiness, Helpfulness, Humility, Hunger. Culture starts with hiring so we seek all of the above in every candidate we ask to join the CB Insights team.
Perks & Benefits
Subsidized Health Insurance
401(K) with Matching + Profit Sharing
Yearly Education Stipend
Commuter Benefits
Lunch Stipend
3D Printer
Office Gong
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