7 recently funded NYC tech companies that are hiring

August 18, 2016

It’s been a crazy couple of months for New York tech companies, with some seeing quite impressive funding events. As you might expect, companies tend to go on hiring sprees after receiving funding — how else, you might ask, are they expected to grow? At any rate, here are 7 recently funded NYC tech companies that are on the hiring warpath. Happy hunting:


 What they do: Axial runs an online network for professionals that run, advise, buy or finance private companies — think of it as a social network for business bigwigs.

Most recent funding: $14 million on August 3rd


What they do: TalkSpace is digitizing your shrink. Ok, not really, but they are offering access to anonymous therapy with licensed professionals anywhere and whenever you want. That means you can now talk to a therapist through an app or on your computer. 

Most recent funding: $15 million on June 14th 


What they do: Progyny is using tech to get your baby making bits in top shape. Their digital platform gives patients access to doctors, financing, clinical expertise and improved price transparency. 

Most recent funding: $14.7 million on June 29th 


What they do: Transfix is applying the Uber model to the trucking industry. If you have something you need shipped, the press of a button will bring an on-demand trucker by to pick it up. 

Most recent funding: $22 million on July 26th


What they do: Bark & Co. is the company behind the wildly popular canine-themed subscription box service Bark Box. They have since branched out and are offering a whole host of dog-related services. We’ve also been told that their office is something of a dogtopia. 

Most recent funding: $60 million on May 18th 


What they do: YieldBot is revolutionizing the way the media industry works with advertisers. The company's technology creates performance-based marketplaces that allow advertisers to connect with media consumers. 

Most recent funding: $1 million on July 2016


What they do: Kaltura runs an open-source video platform that lets websites offer customized video, photo and audio functionalities. If you want to know more about the company, it’ll come as no surprise that they made a handy video

Most recent funding: $50 million on August 8th 


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