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Sales Representative Senior Account Executive, Ad Sales Sales Training Manager

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Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Why Work With Us

Every person we hire makes Stack Overflow an even better place to work. We foster an open and diverse work culture where everyone works together. We believe great ideas can come from anywhere and welcome anyone to champion ideas. We support a culture that’s open to trying new things and is constantly trying to learn from the things we build.


Located in the Financial District of Manhattan, our NY office moonlights as the company headquarters. Amenities include Super Mario-themed bathrooms, Xbox alcoves, a La Marzocco espresso machine, and numerous nap spots. With gorgeous views of the east river and close proximity to public transportation, it’s hard to withhold your bragging.

Perks & Benefits

  • 20 days paid vacation
  • Flexible hours
  • Stock options
  • Completely free health insurance (no copay, no premiums)
  • 2 Professional Chefs = amazing lunches every day!
  • Gym membership reimbursement
  • Monthly unlimited Metro Card
  • Employees will never be poked with a sharp stick



January 20, 2015
Type: funding
Investors: Andreessen Horowitz
January 01, 2013
Type: funding
Investors: Bezos Expeditions
May 31, 2011
Type: funding
Investors: Index Ventures and Spark Capital
April 04, 2010
Type: funding
Investors: Union Square Ventures


Founded: 2008
Local Employees: 105
Funding: $68M
Location: New York
Type: Technology Company
Industries: Recruitment, Technology

Company Reviews

"I can't think of many places better than Stack Overflow for a developer to work at. When I look at opportunities, three things generally come to mind: how much autonomy I have, what impact I can make, and how smart the people are. If I can find those things at a company, that's what draws me to them. Stack Overflow has those things in strides."

Jon Chan
at Stack Overflow

"What really makes a company thrive is its people and the interpersonal relationships within departments. Stack continually develops ways to make its employees feel valued, secure and free to be the individual they are. This creates a welcoming atmosphere unlike any other workplace."

Jill Ciaccia
Office Manager
at Stack Overflow

"We obviously look for necessary skills and experience, but those don't go very far without passion. If someone isn't excited about who we are and what we do, they won't be very successful here. We also hire incredibly smart people. With a team of such brilliant, passionate people, there's very little we can't accomplish ... and that makes it rewarding to come into work every day."

Joe Humphries
Director of People Operations
at Stack Overflow

"Every day I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work in an incredibly empowering environment with the most talented, like-minded individuals. The positive encouragement from my team members and management across the board is what keeps me inspired and motivated to push further and harder with the inevitable challenges. Stack Overflow provides me with the supportive community I need as well as the flexibility I need to wholly contribute to the success of the company. This welcoming family has been a reward in itself."

Annie Bray Hines
Sales Representitive
at Stack Overflow

"Stack Overflow is the kind of company that I've always wanted to work for, but frankly thought did not exist. Of course, the people here are incredibly smart, but when it comes to knowledge sharing, they're also some of the most generous and welcoming people I've been around. Additionally, being in an environment in which everyone is passionate about the company's mission and has all the tools they need to do their jobs makes it really exciting for me to come to work every day."

Rich Moy
Content Marketing Writer
at Stack Overflow

"The best thing about working at Stack Overflow is the autonomy I have to do my job. If you are looking to be micro-managed this isn't the company for you. If you are looking to be treated like an adult and enjoy working in a totally collaborative environment where you are respected and valued as a person, then this is the place for you!"

Dammand Cherry
Senior Account Executive, Ad Sales
at Stack Overflow

"Stack Overflow is one of the best places for a developer to work at. I love that I can make an impact and I'm given the autonomy as well as the flexibility to do my job. Also, no one pokes me with a sharp stick. Stack Overflow has a very nurturing and transparent culture. People here are extremely nice, respectful, passionate about their work and of course super smart. Everyone is always ready to share their wealth of knowledge. The challenging work, the support of your peers and the overall environment makes it exciting for me to come to work every day."

Kirti Thorat
at Stack Overflow

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