35 NYC adtech companies you need to know

Emerson Dameron

Ad Age recently proclaimed New York City the "predominant force in adtech." That's hardly a shock, considering the Big Apple's long and rich history in the space. In NYC, ad agencies and media titans have long worked in close quarters, giving tech-savvy upstarts ample opportunities to fit in. We've rounded up 35 big shots and newcomers you definitely need to know.


PebblePost creates solutions for marketers to send relevant in-home advertisements to consumers. The platform captures real-time audience activity, verifies up-to-date addresses and sends a Customized Programmatic Postcard on its way to a customer’s home within 24 hours. Founded in 2014, the company has already had multiple successful funding rounds.


Movable Ink uses an intelligent content platform to provide personalized email marketing solutions. Breaking past segmented email campaigns, Movable Ink lets companies create personalized content, messaging and calls-to-action in real-time.


Founded by ex-Googlers, Beeswax offers a customizable, affordable, real-time bidding stack, inspired by the hassles and limitations its founders observed working on digital ad networks. The startup recently emerged from beta after partnering with Foursquare. 


The Trade Desk platform lets media buyers build personalized ad experiences for targeted audiences. The software taps into virtually every advertising channel, from audio and mobile to video and native. Through the data management platform, buyers can dig into insights and reporting on these targeted channels.


SmartAdServer provides a one-stop, full-stack advertising platform on which businesses can manage all revenue sources in one place. The platform offers templates for ad creation and the option to bring unique ideas to life in multiple ad formats like native, video and rich media.


Smartly is a large-scale social media marketing platform. Focusing mainly on Facebook, the company became a member of the Facebook Marketing Partner Community in 2013. Smartly offers a full suite of SaaS tools to enable marketers to minimize manual tasks, grow their customer base and optimize their content and campaigns. 


No longer just for streaming, JW Player offers the ability to easily integrate video ads from services like YeMe, SpotX and Google that can travel across multiple platforms. It's unique ad creation platform offers options like scheduling, skipping, waterfalls and overlays. With JW Player, users are in control of their audience's video experience.


Creating strong native ads requires a rare mix of tech and design savvy, along with an obsessive drive to stay current. Founded in 2012, TripleLift makes native programmatic advertising as simple as possible for marketers. Just send along a URL, a logo, an image, and some copy, and TripleLift will sort out the details. 


Those ‘content you may like’ ads that appear at the bottom of web articles are likely powered by Taboola, or its biggest competitor, Outbrain. Customers have links to their content at the bottom of articles across a wide range of popular sites like TMZ, the BBC andTime. The company has recently expanded into direct advertising of products and services.


Kargo lets advertisers break convention and build connections with consumers on the most important screen today—the phone. Through its high-end editorial alliance and proprietary advertising automation technology, brands and agencies can reach eight out of 10 smartphone users in the U.S.


Since 2009, Crowdtap has focused on simplifying the way brands market to their audiences. The company offers four different products that bring brands into a conversation with everyday people, allowing customers to access the preferences and ideas of actual people, build a library of user-generated content, and use social media influencers to create content that generates brand interest.


AdTheorent is at the forefront of predictive advertising, using large pools of data combined with machine learning to deliver precisely targeted audiences to brands at any scale. The company has served more than 300 billion advertisements since its founding in 2010.   


Since 2010, Yieldbot has found wild success in the business of "intent." It works with international brands and trusted premium publishers to help them navigate the post-cookie era using a balance of data, keywords, and creativity.


Appboy is all about helping marketers with mobile customers build and maintain strong relationships. The platform utilizes multiple channels like push, app, email and web, delivering unique campaigns to individuals. With over 100 employees, the company is doing business with many well-known brands, including 1-800 Flowers, Domino’s, iHeartMedia, tinder and Urban Outfitters.


Integral Ad Science provides data and tools designed to help marketers assess the quality of digital media and maximize their ROI. In Feb. 2015, the company announced the opening of its Anti-Fraud Lab to conduct research and advance anti-fraud solutions in the adtech space.


Outbrain is a content recommendation platform that uses engagement and popularity to serve links to readers on popular sites like CNN, Mashable and ESPN. 


MediaMath's TerminalOne platform uses in-house data to identify target audiences and automate one-to-one advertising messages for marketers. In 2014, the company acquired social advertising startup Upcast, which helped expand its ad reach to social channels like Facebook.


Valued at more than $1.2 billion, AppNexus is one of the biggest tech companies in NYC. Its cloud-based software helps publishers monetize their content by finding the highest bidders in the market for their ad impressions. 


Zeta Interactive
 specializes in customer lifecycle marketing helps brands with acquisition and retention. Founded in 2007, Zeta has more than 500 employees with offices around the U.S. and globe.


Mediaocean, which partners with both Facebook's Atlas and Google's DoubleClick, develops and designs advertising software and services for marketers. The company was created in 2011 when Mediabank, a media buying tech company, merged with Donovan Data Systems.


Undertone is focused on creating responsive video ads that adapt on sites owned by Gannett, American Media, USA Today Sports, Accuweather, Bonnier Corp. and more. The company began selling its Impact Video full-screen ads in April 2014 and some of its notable clients include BMW and L’Oreal.


Specializing in location-based ad targeting, xAd helps marketers deliver personalized messages to customers while they are either physically on site or within proximity of a business. It's "MarketPlace" tags locations with keywords and lets advertisers purchase them for mobile ads targeting. 


Collective is a programmatic advertising technology platform that works across multiple devices and media formats. Its VISTO tool gives customers side-by-side comparisons of performance, pricing and data at a granular level.


Apester develops polls, surveys, and videos that break down the fourth wall around news stories. It boasts a 17% clickthrough rate across its network—more than 100 times better than old-school banner advertising. The resulting data presents new potential angles for future coverage.


Phluant Mobile's SaaS system gives buyers access to a spectrum of mobile data that's hard to find in one place, and its Open Data Access Point (ODEP) is a one-stop shop with access to over 850,000 apps. An early entrant into mobile, Phluant has built partnerships with major players such as Mediaocean and Twitter.


Magnetic combines big data and the importance of building rich relationships between advertisers and customers to combat spam and poor experiences. The company also retains a strong sense of New York style, and has gained a reputation for showing tech communities in Chicago, Los Angeles and beyond how New Yorkers throw a party.


Qualia's keyword is "intent" and its "Intent Quality Decision Engine" is designed not just to track consumers through their digital travels, but to discern what they actually want to buy. 



Medialets flagship product is Servo, a buy-side mobile ad server with the ambitious task of measuring complete ROI for mobile campaigns. Servo is the only platform of its kind accredited by the Media Rating Council and clients include American Express, HBO, Toyota and more.


adMarketplace bills itself as the original programmatic marketplace for paid search and the largest search advertising network other than Google. In the game since 2000, it is indisputably a giant in paid search and has managed to adapt as the market has fragmented.



NewsCred unites marketing solutions with a software platform that offers services like content creation, social publishing, brand governance, global asset management, strategy and security. Clients like Visa, Dell, Pepsi and Jockey use the company's network to access a giant content marketplace that includes thousands of publishers. 


Founded in 2005, Tremor's software helps marketers build better video ads. By offering significant data insights alongside an in-house creative team, the company creates an overall experience that gives sellers and buyers meet their goals.


Curalate leverages social media to drive traffic to the online merchandise of more than 800 brands. Companies like Sephora, Urban Outfitters and Pottery Barn use Curalate's multiple social solutions, which include actionable images, vertical video, shoppable social and fan-generated content, to increase brand awareness and make purchasing easier. 


SundaySky takes user data and profile information to produce a personalized experience called "SmartVideos." Industries from healthcare to travel use SundaySky for strategic storytelling, multichannel distribution, data insights and optimization to increase customer loyalty and revenue.


PulsePoint has taken its powerful programmatic technology and combined it with content marketing to help advertisers get their messages in front of people who are actually interested in what they have to say. The platform translates impression-level data into useful tools like real-time contextualization, which increases relevancy and prevents ads from appearing next to embarrassing content.

Marketers need to be data driven, but that’s not always as easy as it sounds. Gathering vital information to form campaign strategy often requires help (and delays) from other departments. ActionIQ wants to change all that with its big-data-for-marketers SaaS platform. The technology hooks advertising data like emails, CPC and clickstream, into a single dashboard with an AI layer, giving marketers a method for designing and evaluating campaign experiments quickly and on their own terms.


Images via companies and social media.

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