Want to travel on the company's dime? 5 NYC tech jobs for you

Anthony Sodd

Are you filled with wanderlust but not ready to leave the greatest city in the world? Turns out, you can have a bit of both worlds — a nice, steady job in the city, that requires you to get out and see different parts of the world. Here are five job openings at NYC tech companies that involve travel. Buen Viaje.


Live Technical Producer at Livestream

What they do: Livestream is bringing the power of live video to the masses. They want to make a world where every event is available live, online.

What you’ll do: You’ll be responsible for the full end-to-end live production of assigned events. You’ll be kind of like a live television producer, only for Livestream events.

Who they’re looking for: Someone with a college degree and at least two years of experience producing videos.

Where you’ll go: The position calls for domestic and international travel, sometimes on short notice.


Field Marketing Manager at Yext

What they do: Yext makes software that lets companies — big and small — leverage location-based technology to supercharge their online presences.

What you’ll do: You’ll be assisting with the execution of the company’s marketing campaigns.

Who they’re looking for: Someone with a bachelor’s degree and at least four years of experience event planning in an entrepreneurial setting.

Where you’ll go: You’ll be managing all of the company’s internal events and conducting site inspections — and Yext has offices in New York, London, Dallas, Chicago and the outskirts of Washington D.C.


VP Growth and Marketing at Breather

What they do: Breather curates a network of on-demand meeting spaces that users can reserve and unlock with their smartphones. It’s kind of like Zipcar, only for meeting spaces.

What you’ll do: You’ll be leading the company’s strategy and vision as it relates to top line growth.

Who they’re looking for: A sales-oriented leader with some serious experience playing a key role in another company’s success.

Where you’ll go: You’ll be going to company-funded conferences and professional development events.


Marketing Coordinator at Updater

What they do: Updater is making it easier to move. They take care of things like transferring utilities, updating accounts and records, setting up mail forwarding and all of the other details that make moving such a pain.

What you’ll do: You’ll be in charge of the company’s marketing and sales events.

Who they’re looking for: Someone with a degree and at least one year of experience in a startup. Knowing your way around Squarespace is a plus, as you’ll be helping update the company’s website.

Where you’ll go: You’ll be in charge of coordinating and executing the company’s upcoming marketing and sales events – which translates to attending a lot of trade shows. Just make sure you're in town for Updater Onesie Day (pictured above). 


US Regional Marketing Manager at TodayTix

What they do: TodayTix’s app is where you find last minute theater tickets at non-Hamilton prices. It's kind of like TKTS, just without the indignity of standing in line in Times Square. 

What you’ll do: You’ll be designing and implementing the company’s marketing programs to drive growth and brand awareness.

Who they’re looking for: Someone with at least two years of experience in a consumer facing marketing role at a startup or midsized company.

Where you’ll go: You’ll be primarily located in New York, but some travel will be required. It's not too clear just where you'll be going, but the company currently operates in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Boston and Connecticut. 

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